Helping kids while earning money.

We have a purpose. We are here to welfare of all! Our concept works for all the levels of society. We are raising funds for needy children while our investors earning money with our project’s improvement. We won’t stop untill we reach all the children in need over the world. Let’s lighten the children’s world together!


100% Rug Proof.

Liquidity Locked For 80 Years!

We locked the liquidity we owned. Also, auto-liqudity function sends it’s LP tokens to the dead(0x00...00) address, DxSale shows this part as unlocked but actually it locked better. So, no one can rugpull this.

DxSale Liquidity Control

Ownership Renounced

Technically no one own this token so no one can mess this token up. However, we see this token as a community-owned token and see us as the leaders of that beautiful community.

Ownership Renounced

What is SweetSimit ?

SweetSimit made to provide health, education and financial help to needy children with the token’s improvement.

Sweetsimit itself is a purpose. Sweetsimit exists for welfare of all! The concept works for all the levels of society. It raises funds for needy children while the investors are earning money with the project’s improvement.

Copy Address 0x5046a4f952778c810cd9f96cdcd3efb0d8357d30
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Market Cap

$ 242,000

Instant updates of current price and marketcap values will be actived soon.
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  • %4 Fee auto adding to the liquidity pool.

    %4 of every transaction automatically goes to the liquidity pool. Bigger LP means higher price floor.

  • %3 Fee redistribution to holders

    Passive farming. Frictionless yield. Hold and earn.

  • %3 Fee goes to the marketing / charity wallet.

    Charity / Marketing wallet works for you, for the childeren we want o help and for our token’s growth so it needs fuel...